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Amazonite long mala, 6mm beads


Amazonite long mala, 6mm beads, with faceted Amazonite marker beads


This Amazonite long mala has a total of 108 beads including the lovely faceted Amazonite marker beads which catch the light beautifully.  The head bead and tiny silver plated brass discs, that are placed on either side of the marker beads, are not counted in the 108 beads.  The faceted Amazonite beads are placed every 27th bead.   The beads are strung on flexible wire and finished with a soft blue coloured tassel made from 100% cotton thread.

The Amazonite beads have the gentle colours of the seashore with an excellent polish/shine. Amazonite varies in colour from very light jade-green to turquoise and some of the beads are cream through to brown from inclusions.  There is Mica in this stone which creates a subtle pearlescent shimmer.

Amazonite is type of feldspar and takes its name from the Amazon River, where historically green stones were said to obtained – although it’s not known whether those stones were Amazonite.

The beads are 6mm in size, with 8mm marker beads, and the mala measures over the 108 beads approximately 70cm (27 inches). Laid flat and measured from top to toe, with the tassel and head beads, it is around 41cm (16 inches).