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Green Malay Jade long mala + Czech glass beads, 8mm beads


Green Malay long mala, 8mm beads, with Fire-polished Czech glass marker beads

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This is a lovely deep clear emerald green long mala – think of Green Tara or perhaps of Amoghasiddhi who is often portrayed as green or as emanating green light.

The mala has a total of 108 beads which includes three fire polished Czech glass marker/counting beads.  The head bead is the same Czech glass. The glass beads are Forest Green with a subtle bronze lustre.  Simple brass discs are used to complement the deep green colour nicely.

Malay Jade is a quartz and has a translucent quality to it. It is dyed to get the even colouring seen.

The Czech glass head bead and brass discs are not counted in the 108 beads. The marker beads are placed every 27th bead.   The mala is strung on flexible wire and finished with a coordinating green tassel made from 100% cotton thread.

The Malay Jade beads are  8mm in size and the mala measures over the 108 beads approximately 91cm (35.5 inches). Laid flat and measured from top to toe, with the tassel and head beads, it is around 53cm (21”).