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Impression Jasper long mala, 6mm beads


Impression Jasper long mala, 6mm beads, with Czech glass marker beads

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This lovely Impression Jasper long mala is made of 6mm beads, with soft green Czech glass beads as the marker beads. On each side of the marker beads are tiny copper-plated brass discs.  The mala has a total of 108 beads including the marker/counting beads.  The head bead and copper-plated discs are not counted in the 108 beads. The marker beads are placed every 27th bead.   The mala is strung on flexible wire and finished with a coordinating soft blue/green 100% cotton tassel.

These beautifully patterned Impression Jasper beads come in shades of minty sea green, plae blue green, soft creams and creamy greys with veins of darker brick red. Impression Jasper is the usual trade name for Variscite and is found in Bolivia, Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic, as well as in the USA in Arizona, Nevada and Utah, where it is known as Utahlite.  In Australia it is sometimes called Australian Jade.

Czech glass beads are a very high quality glass, so they catch the light beautifully. These beautiful polished round beads are in a classic clear crystal finish.

The beads are 6mm in size, with 8mm marker beads.  The mala measures round over the 108 beads approximately 69cm (27 inches). Laid flat and measured from top to toe, with the tassel and head beads, it is around 39cm (15.5 inches).