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White howlite long mala 8mm beads


White howlite long mala, 8mm beads, with aqua marker beads

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This white howlite mala has a total of 108 8mm beads including the larger Howlite marker/counting beads.  Simple Tibetan ‘silver’ discs are used to highlight the colours nicely.

The head bead and discs are not counted in the 108 beads. The marker beads are placed every 27th bead.   The mala is strung on strong thread and finished with a coordinating tassel made from 100% cotton thread.

Howlite is usually white in colour with grey/black veined markings.  It is a very porous mineral. This porosity enables it to be penetrated by dyes and stained a variety of colours, such as the bright Aqua colour used in the marker beads.

Tibetan ‘silver’ is very like pewter, it is an alloy of copper, iron and zinc with a silvered finish, sometimes but not always with a small percentage of pure silver.  The Tibetan beads we use are LEAD FREE and NICKEL FREE

The beads are 8mm in size and the mala measures over the 108 beads approximately 89cm (35 inches). Laid flat and measured from top to toe, with the tassel and head beads, it is around 50cm (19.5”).